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ASUKA Labor Consulting Office
(Social Insurance Labor Corporation)

Our HR professional team will contribute to create a bright future for your company.

Welcome to our website.
ASUKA Labor Consulting Office engage in our day-to-day operations based on the principle of “All for customers.” From the standpoint of the customer, we will work together to formulate solutions for concerns as professionals in the field of personnel and general affairs.

Human Resources and Labor Specialists
From HR (Human Resources) to HCM (Human capital management).
We will strongly support your company’s management for a future with a high level of expertise, advanced consultancy, and HCM & Strategic HR management.

  • Payroll circulation service
  • Statutory procedures service for Social and Labor Insurances
  • Applications for temporary personnel service and recruitment businesses license
  • Advisory service
  • Consulting service for labor and personnel issues
  • Worker’s compensation insurance for owners
  • Subsidy application service
  • Recruitment, personal assessment
  • Revision and preparation of rules of employment
  • Personnel system design

Our Professionals will be proactive in providing detailed support to customers, prevent labor problems, and support the company’s growth.
We will give advice in an easy-to-understand and careful manner and work together to begin with what is possible.
Please contact us if you have any problems. We will provide appropriate advice and solutions for your company.

Greeting from Representative

ASUKA Labor Consulting Office provides comprehensive support for labor and personnel management from the viewpoint of HR professionals in conducting procedures for social insurance and payroll. Please leave the resolution of various problems to us.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of our establishment.
In 2016, we established the Tokyo Akasaka Office. We also can provide services on nationwide base through this office, together with Tokyo Nakameguro, Osaka, Nagoya, and Saitama.
At the 20th anniversary, I would like to return to my feelings at the start of business again, and to be able to provide further legal services to all.

For Japanese companies facing a super-aged society, dramatic changes in laws and changes in rules will begin in the future with regard to labor-related issues and pension issues.
The flow of management from HR (Human Resource) to HCM (Human capital management) is becoming universal standards. It is important to read the trend of the times and to promptly incorporate the necessary measures and rules.
ASUKA Labor Consulting Office is committed to strengthen human resource management and management departments, resolving problems, and providing extensive support for rule-making in order to grow together with you.
Best regards.

September. 2017
Keiko Ohigashi, Representative of ASUKA Labor Consulting Office

Our services

We will provide a partner service that allows you to freely consult on labor and personnel issues. HR professionals will strongly support your company from employee recruitment and retirement, unpaid overtime pay issues, employment contracts, and rules of employment.

Appropriate measures for unpaid overtime pay, planned paid leave, leave of absence due to depression, and unfair dismissal.
Various solutions made to full order after detailed hearing your issues (order to made)
Full supervision by Labor and Social Security Attorney
Dealing with the company employing 3 to 5,000 employees
Please feel free to contact us

Adviser(Monthly service charge)
The number of employees
Advisory monthly fee (Advisory contract)
\30,000 (excluding tax)
\50,000 (excluding tax)
A separate estimate

Professional HR consultants provide consultation and advice on rules of employment, labor and personnel issues, and unpaid overtime pay.
→We have also set discounts for HR consultancy plans and management outsourcing plants

Consultation for labor and personnel issues supervised by Labor and Social Security Attorney
We will deal with the issues for the companies with 1 employee.
・ I want to create the rules of employment to prevent labor problems
・ I want to create a personnel evaluation system
・ I want to establish a continuous employee training system
・ I want to establish regulations on pay raises and bonuses
・ I want to institutionalize employee health examinations
・ I want to hold a sanitation committee
・ I want to maintain a workplace rule book
・ A labor trouble has occurred.

ASUKA Consulting service for labor and personnel issues
We will provide consulting service for labor and personnel issues.
Individual contract fee・・・・・ \50,000/ two hours

Response to labor and personnel problems, recommendations and inspections conducted by the Labor Standards Inspection Office
Support from Labor and Social Security Attorney specialized in labor laws
Resolution of labor problems and information on Labor and Social Security Attorney
Settlement of labor disputes should be entrusted to a professional mediation agent (Labor and Social Security Attorney).
Labor and Social Security Attorney specialized in labor laws will support your company.

Mediation agency
In order to amicably resolve the rapid increase in individual labor-management disputes, a mediation system has been established.
Mediation is intended to facilitate discussions between the parties to a dispute by confirming the points asserted by the conciliators. There is a direction of “placation.”
Applications can be made by either the worker or the company. If an application for mediation is submitted to the Director-General of the Labor Standard Bureau, the Dispute Adjustment Committee issues a start notice.
In some cases, the applicant is only one worker, and in other cases, a company has filed an application with more than a dozen employees.
The mediation system is a system of conflict coordination prepared by the government so that conflicts do not lead to the destruction of human relations or organizations.
Accordingly, Labor and Social Security Attorney who specialize in labor and social insurance issues will become the Mediation Agent and lead to a smooth solution.

Upon receipt of the notice of commencement of mediation
“It’s best to create a “Mediation Agent.”
The Mediation Agent, on behalf of the client, carries out procedures and statements in accordance with the intent of the client.
After establishing a Mediation Agent, “It’ll be beneficial for business management”
A company can bring changes in working conditions and dispositions prior to dismissal to the Dispute Adjustment Commission and can resolve them legally at an early stage by the Company’s Mediation Agent.
If you bring it to the Conflict Adjustment Commission, it rarely leads to a subsequent trial.
For example, this is effective in cases where an employee has difficulty with his or her attitude due to his or her attendance or other problems.

【Our Services】
We will provide services in accordance with the individual case and the stage of development of the problem.
・ Counseling (sexual harassment, etc.)
・ Consultation regarding the submission of notifications and the receipt of payments in accordance with labor laws and regulations
・ Preparation and submission of Content Certification
・ Preparation of declaration for violation of the Labor Standards Act submitted to the Labor Standards Inspection Office
・ Preparation and submission of applications and statements to be submitted to the Dispute Adjustment Commission, etc. of the Labor Bureau
・ Attendance, statement, and negotiation by proxy on the day of mediation on behalf of your company
・ Negotiation out-of-court settlements with companies
・ Preparation and consultation of Mediation Proposals

The Labor and Social Security Attorney, who specialized in labor laws, as an agent for mediation, proposes the most appropriate solution for each case.
We will respect the wishes and feelings of a client, conduct repeated considerations, and present a proposal for mediation from the client’s point of view, with the aim of ensuring that the client is sufficiently satisfied with the contents of the negotiation results.

Labor and Social Security Attorney
As individual labor disputes have increased, new roles have been demanded for Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant as a specialist in labor laws and regulations in order to solve these problems, and then Labor and Social Security Attorney have been established.
Labor and Social Security Attorneys are certified social insurance and labor consultants who have knowledge of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) for labor-management problems and can act as mediators. In other words, they can be involved in resolving the problem on behalf of the parties involved.
The office is a Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation.
If you have any problems with your labor-management relationship, please do not hesitate to contact or consult with us.

Recommendation for correction
As a certified social insurance and labor consultant is an expert in the Labor Standards Law and the Industrial Safety and Health Law, please consult with us without worrying about this.
Recommendations for correction refer to the guidance of the Labor Standards Inspection Office. In order to confirm the status of compliance with the Labor Standards Law and the Industrial Safety and Health Law, an investigation is underway.

Correction recommendation worst 5
1.Violation of statutory working hours
The majority of cases are employees working in excess of the statutory working hours without notification of the 36 agreements (agreement for overtime work; agreement under article 36).
2.Violation of the rules of employment
Cases in which the company has not fulfilled its obligation to prepare and submit rules of employments to the Labor Standards Inspection Office.
3.Violation of extra wages
Cases where extra wages have not been paid due to unpaid overtime.
4.Breach of the express provisions of working conditions
Cases in which wages, working hours, etc. are not clearly specified in writing at the time of employment of an employee.
5.Breach of the payroll book
Cases, for example, when the working hours have not been entered in the payroll book.
Proper countermeasures for the above 1 to 5 will be a key point in response to on-the-spot investigations by the Labor Standards Inspection Office.

Please consult with us if you have following issues.
The Labor Standards Inspection Office notified the investigation.
Receive a recommendation for correction
We have received a recommendation for correction and are in trouble with the response.
The Rules of Employment is not created, otherwise it has been prepared, but the submission has not been completed.
The minimum working conditions provided by the Labor Standards Act are not clearly specified in writing at the time of employment of workers.
We have introduced modified working hours system, but no labor-management agreement has been concluded or submitted.
The 36 agreements (agreement for overtime work; agreement under article 36) has not been submitted to the Labor Standards Inspection Office. Otherwise, although it is reported, actual overtime work and work on days off are beyond the scope of the agreement.
Premium wages for overtime are paid on a fixed basis.
Part-time, temporary, and contract employees are not granted annual paid leave.
Regular medical examinations are not conducted as required by law.
The report of the medical examination has not been submitted to the Labor Standards Inspection Office.

【Our Services】
We will attend both on-site inspections and call inspections (based on summons) conducted by the Labor Standards Inspection Office.
With regard to the recommendation for correction, we will understand your company’s situation, propose improvement proposals that are appropriate to your company, and propose “Current Measures” and “Measures for the Future.”
The investigation of the labor insurance affairs audit was carried out by the Public Employment Security Office.
The general investigation was carried out by the Social Insurance Office.
It is better to have an expert present from the start of the investigation. Please contact us if you need.

Labor problem Q & A
Q) What is the extra wage if I have employees work until 9 p.m. on a Sunday which is a holiday? The regular working time of the company is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and break time are set to be between 12 p.m. and 13 p.m.
In the case of holiday work, extra wages are required 35% or more, and in the case of overtime work, extra wages are required 25% or more. Therefore, will extra wages from 6 to 9 p.m. need to be 35% + 25% = 60% or more?
A)There is no idea of overtime on holiday work, so the extra wage is more than 35%.
Provided, however, that extra wages of the late-night work between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m. will be increased by 60% or more, and work between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. on Sunday’s next day (weekday) will be 50% or more. Be careful.

Q) We are suffering from a deterioration in business performance.
Therefore, I would like to reduce wages in order to reduce labor costs, but to what extent can I reduce wages legally?
A) There are no legal restrictions on the wage level (amount) other than the minimum wage set forth in the Minimum Wage Law. However, since wages are one of the basic working conditions and a matter of labor contract, unilateral wage cuts fall under “disadvantageous changes” in working conditions. Accordingly, in addition to obtaining the consent of the parties concerned, it is necessary to take cautious measures, such as gradually lowering the amount by establishing a transitional measure.

Q) I saw how an employee who was on probation of three months for a month was doing at a workplace and told him that he would not have to come from tomorrow because he was in the wrong business. The employee requested a dismissal allowance after that. Am I obliged to pay the allowance even during the probationary period?
A) You are obliged to pay. The probationary period varies from company to company.
The Labor Standards Law stipulates that dismissal allowance or advance notice is required for employees who continue to work for companies for more than 14 days during the probationary period. Although the reason for dismissal is more free than a full-time employee, this payment of dismissal allowance will not be exempted if it exceeds 14 days during the probationary period.

Q) We pay sales allowance (a fixed amount of the base salary) to employees in charge of sales and marketing, instead of the overtime allowance. Is there any problem with this treatment?
A) As long as an overtime allowance calculated on the basis of actual overtime work is within the scope of the sales allowance, it is not illegal to pay sales allowance instead of the overtime allowance. In most companies, the sales allowance has not been changed based on calculation by the average number of overtime hours for a certain period in the past (for sales representatives or all employees). However, this set-up must be made for each sales employee and every month. Accordingly, even if the average overtime allowance falls within the scope of the sales allowance, the Company must pay the difference if the overtime allowance exceeds the sales allowance for a sales employee in a month.

Application and effective use of subsidies for small and middle-sized companies
First of all, you can start with free consultation.

There is a possibility of receiving subsidies, if you hire even one employee.
A Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant is an expert in applying for a subsidy.
The requirements for receiving subsidies are complicated and often subject to legal revisions, which require a great deal of time and effort.
In order to receive a subsidy smoothly, please contact us.
The subsidy is a perfect benefit for which there is no repayment obligation using employment insurance premiums (3/1,000, which is collected as the three businesses of employment insurance) as financial resources. Business establishments which the insurance relation of employment insurance has been established, of course, eligible to receive benefits.

【New Subsidy Information】
For the latest subsidy information, please go here.
For details, go to the Subsidy Application Service Office.

How to receive a subsidy?
1.The applicant must take out employment insurance.
2.Documents such as statutory books and rules of employment shall be well prepared.
Applications for subsidies and submission of plans are required to legal submission.
3.There are subsidies that need to be processed in advance.
4.Employees shall not be dismissed for the convenience of companies.
In most cases, non-payment requirements are met when there are retirees due to the convenience of the company for a certain period of time in the past.
5.The fact that labor insurance premiums have been paid
In most cases, absence of payment of labor insurance premiums leads to non-payment requirements.

【Our Services】
The subsidy and grant systems are quite complicated, and many companies make use of only several types of subsidies and grants.
As a Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant, we provide accurate proposals for subsidies and grants that can be received by your company based on our extensive experience in applying for subsidies and grants.
For details, go to the Subsidy Application Service Office.

Applications for subsidies are smoothly made by a Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant on behalf of companies.
A Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant may, pursuant to the provisions of the Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Act, prepare applications, notifications, etc. to be submitted to administrative organs, etc. and act on behalf of companies in accordance with laws and regulations concerning labor and social insurances.
We can also take duties for subsidies on behalf of companies.

What are subsidies?
Subsidies are often given under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. However, each subsidy has its requirements, and any company can receive it if it meets the requirements, and it is characterized by the absence of repayment obligations.
There are two main types of grants:
・Subsidies to partially defray the cost of salaries and equipment
・Incentives that are eligible for employment and continued employment of specific personnel

Financial resources for subsidies
Subsidies do not have a repayment obligation because the financial resources of the subsidies are financed by employment insurance premiums. Small and medium-sized enterprises, such as those take a look at this website, are able to receive payments in the same way as large companies.
In order to ensure that a subsidy is received, it is impossible to receive the subsidy appropriately unless the relevant information is understood.
What information that must be understood are:
・What is an appropriate subsidy? What is required to meet its requirements?
・How documents should be prepared? When should submit the documents?
A Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant is able to appropriately understand the information on a number of subsidies, and help companies with proposing subsidies and acting on behalf of them as an expert.
If you are interested in a subsidy, you can start with free consultation.

Outsourcing of outstanding cost effectiveness
The statutory procedures related to complicated social and labor insurances need to be prompt and accurate. There are about 50 types of laws related to labor and social insurances, and the number of applications, invoices, and notifications is said to be 300 to 400. The documents to be submitted range from simple to complex, however the required procedures have not been carried out, problems have arisen later, without specialized knowledge. As a result, the situation has become a breach of the way to go to government offices many times, We carry out prompt and appropriate paperwork.

【Our Services】
Statutory procedures for social and labor insurances
All labor and social insurance-related procedures are performed on an ongoing basis on behalf of companies, including notification documents regarding employee recruitment and retirement, notification of base amount for calculation of social insurance, annual renewal of labor insurance, applications for various social insurance benefits, and complex claims for workers’ accident compensation insurance.

Statutory procedure for report of new application for social and labor insurances
There are procedures for establishing an office, starting a business, or other cases in which an insurance relationship has not yet been established. We can take duties, such as new application procedures for the Social Insurance Office, the Labor Standards Inspection Office, the Public Employment Security Office, and other relevant government offices as an agent.

Statutory procedures for personal management and labor relation
We will prepare, submit, and apply for various notifications stipulated by the Labor Standard Law and the Occupational Health and Safety Law as an agent, such as rules of employment, labor-management agreement of overtime work (36 agreements), modified working hours, and so on,

Attendance at investigation by government offices
We will also be presence of investigation conducted by The Labor Standards Inspection Office and the Social Insurance Office in accordance with laws and regulations, explain, and state to the survey on behalf of owners.

Eliminate shortage of resources by payroll circulation service
For accuracy and speed

Payroll calculation requires knowledge of employment insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance, and tax laws and various other laws.
Please leave cumbersome calculation of payroll to us.

If you are in the following situation, please consult with us.
・I cannot understand payroll calculation well because the relevant laws are intertwined.
・There’s no need to take time…
・An Employee in charge of payroll calculation quitted the company and no one knows the calculation…..
・We would like to reduce costs (labor costs) for operating payroll calculation.
・Payroll calculation is operated by a person in management level.
・If possible, payroll information doesn’t want employees to know because it’s confidential information of the company.

Benefits of request to us
・Accurate details of salary can be created because we correspond to accurate information such as revision of laws.
・We handle duties for a company which has one employee.
・As a Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Corporation, we can carry out procedures for employment and social insurances at the same time.
・In cases of changes in salaries and leave of absence, we also undertake appropriate procedures at the same time as necessary,
・We make year-end adjustments, issue withholding certificates, and issue leave-notices for the payment of employment insurance benefits, so that you can outsource all procedures related to employee joining and leaving the company.
・A variety of labor management information can be found from monthly salary information.
・We will also provide advice from a labor management perspective.

【Our Services】
Monthly payroll calculation
Bonus calculation
Year-end adjustment
For details, go to the Payroll Circulation Office.

Personnel support by Certificate Social Insurance and Labor Consultants
Identify outstanding human resources capable of working for your company
Aptitude test at the time of recruitment
The fastest aptitude test at 30 minutes for finding out applicant’s qualifications and job aptitude
Personnel with insights on applicants who are out of expectation and will resign quickly when hiring employees
We conduct measurements of basic qualifications, vocational aptitude, and abilities for work.
We will provide examples of questions that will be valid during a recruitment interview.
e.g., \1,000 per person x 50 persons = \50,000 in total

Aptitude test at the time of recruitment
We conduct measurements of basic qualifications, vocational aptitude, and abilities for work.
We will identify applicants’ qualifications, vocational aptitude, and administrative skills through 30-minute recruitment tests. The results of the identification will be delivered in two business days. A handbook containing the points to ask for questions at job interview for each result will be attached. Prior to hiring, an applicant’s aptitude for your company will be identified.
※ By merely sending a response form to us by fax, we will return the results of aptitude test.
You can more reliably identify human resources through “Aptitude Test” + “Expert Advice”.
Free consultation is underway.
We will respond carefully to questions and inquiries. Please feel free to consult with us on any matter.

Rules of employment PRO

Preparation of rules of employment to protect companies
Prevent labor problems before happens.
We will prepare rules of employment in English.

Employers who regularly employ 10 or more employees must prepare rules of employment.
Please consult us if you have the following case examples.
・Have a sample of rules of employment in a book been used as is?
・Have number of years elapsed since your rules of employment were prepared at the outset?
・Are you satisfied with contents of your rules of employment?
・Have your updated your rules of employment, corresponding to the latest versions of relevant laws and regulations.

Rules of employment are important company rules to resolve various problems that arise between employers and employees.
It is necessary to revise rules of employment in accordance with the revision of laws, as well as to review rules of employment in accordance with the needs of each company.
We have prepared a wide range of rules of employment. Why don’t you prepare the most appropriate rules of employment to protect your company together with us while resolving your concerns?
We also support the analysis, design, and creation of internal rules, regulations, and business handling standards, such as retirement allowance regulations and wage regulations.
We will hear your needs and discuss the various solutions in details and make custom-made rules of employment for corporate defense in accordance with the circumstances of each company.
By establishing strategic rules of employment and a personnel and labor management system, a company can revitalize employees, enhance their capabilities, and the company performance.

Check of current rules of employment
We will check rules of employment from the Labor Standards Law and confirm whether or not there are any problems in compliance with the latest laws and regulations. Afterwards, we will prepare, change, and revise the rules of employment in accordance with the circumstances.

Preparation of rules of employment to avoid labor-management problems
Individual labor disputes such as unpaid overtime work, changes in working conditions, dismissal, non-payment of retirement allowances, sexual harassment, and workplace bullying are rapidly increasing. In an age of frequent labor-management troubles, we will create, change, and revise its rules of employment to cope with labor problems.

We preparation of rules of employment in consideration of the sustainable growth of companies so that employees are highly satisfied with them.
When thinking about company growth, first of all, it is important to secure and retain human resources.
We will prepare, change, and review the documents in consideration of what kind of treatment companies should provide to outstanding employees so that they can remain with the companies for a long time and make full use of their abilities.
For details, go to the Rules of Employment Office

From employee evaluation criteria to wage revison

HR consulting to assist with growth strategies based on HR strategies
Please consult us if you have the following case examples.
・There is no employee evaluation criteria.
・Evaluation criteria are vague and are not operating properly
・We want to secure talented human resources.
・We would like to abolish seniority-based and ability-based grade systems and adopt performance-based personnel systems
・We would like to improve the skills of employees by making some distinction in treatments between “capable employees” and “incapable employees”.
・We would like to create a code of conduct (competency)
・We would like to create our own personnel system better than other companies

The most important factor that affects the management of a company is the securing of human resources.
Employment and assignment decisions have been made through interviews only, past career, interviews and tests. However, with respect to such decisions, the following things happen sometimes.
“I hired him or her as I thought he or she was a good performer, but wasn’t.”
“I assign him or her to a job as I thought he or she was suitable for it, but wasn’t at all.”

Research results (targeted at 500 companies)
The relative relationship (r) is shown below as a result of comparing the judgment at the time of employment with current performances after three years of services of a person who has been hired using interviews, academic examinations, and aptitude test.
Interview… r=0.111
Academic examination….r=0.234
Aptitude test… r=0.721
※ r indicates the concordance between the judgment at the time of employment and current performances after three years services.
As can be seen from the above, it means that “the desired effect cannot be achieved only by the judgment of an interview.”
Accordingly, we have introduced aptitude test (CUBIC).
As an effect, the loss in human resources utilization can be reduced, and personnel costs related to recruitment and assignment can be reduced.

【Our Services】
Aptitude test (CUBIC)
Clarification of job standards
Drastic revision and establishment of HR evaluation system
Preparation for introduction of a target achievement system (management by objectives)
Revision of wage systems and wage structures
Creation of corporate code of conduct

Wage system and retirement allowance system
Designing a system to motivate employees

We will help you to design wage systems and retirement allowances system that require advanced management decisions.
What are wage system and retirement allowance system?
They are subject to embody a company’s stance on employees.
With a seniority-based wage system, a company and its employees are merely unfortunate.
We will design a system to motivate employees. It is important to explain employees what actions would be required and evaluated and how they would raise their wages.
Along with the enactment of new corporate pension systems, companies view on how the retirement allowance system itself should be has been questioned the same as wage systems.

In particular, retirement payment is an important personnel policy after wages. In the recent past, the introduction of defined contribution pensions (Japanese edition 401K) and employment mobility (permanent change in employment) due to changes in employee attitudes have required highly advanced management decisions in the design of retirement allowances. On the other hand, it is often seen as a matter of fact that a company has not understood contents of retirement allowance, even though it is important. Otherwise, a company has left retirement allowance unchanged for a long time without knowing what to do, even if it is understood. We will face such confusion and propose where problem lies and how to resolve it specifically. As the aging of the population accelerates, the social mission of retirement allowances has increased in the future due to the reduction of public pensions.

【Our Services】
・Design of retirement allowance system
Point-based retirement benefits, continuous employment-type retirement benefits, defined-contribution corporate pension plans, and SME retirement benefit mutual aid system.
・Revision of retirement allowance system
We will review the traditional rules for retirement benefits, such as length of service x base salary x coefficient.
・Determination of the amount of retirement allowance
The amount of retirement allowance is determined based on market value and solvency.
・Preparation of retirement payment
We propose methods of external funding that are appropriate for the corporate system.
・How to promote effective use of retirement allowance
Link to evaluations and positions.
Enhance employee and part-time motivation.

Information on Labor Insurance Administration Associations
Business owners who are unable to enroll workers’ accident compensation insurance (president, executive officers) and family employees can also take out a special participation in labor insurance if they entrust it to a Labor Insurance Administration Association.
A Labor Insurance Administration Association is an organization of small and medium-sized business owners approved by the Japanese government (the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare) for the administration of labor insurance. It is an association that conducts on behalf of business owners all administrative procedures related to labor insurance, such as calculating labor insurance premiums, submitting tax returns, and submitting documents to relevant government offices. We established with Japan Sougo Labor Management, which is also licensed by the Japanese government.

All paperwork is done on behalf business owners, thus eliminating burdensome paperwork of the business owners or companies so that the owners and companies can devote themselves to their original duties. When business owners entrust the paperwork to a Labor Insurance Administration Association, the owners, family employees, and executives can also “take out” a special participation in workers’ accident compensation insurance. (They cannot take out the insurance unless entrusted to a Labor Insurance Administration Association)
Regardless of the amount of labor insurance premiums, payment may be made in three installments a year. In the case of a company that does not entrust a Labor Insurance Administration Association, payment in installments shall not be allowed unless the estimated premium is 400,000 yen (200,000 yen in the case where either a relationship of worker’s accident compensation insurance or employment insurance has been established) or more.

Scope of business owners who can entrust
The number of employees in the financial, insurance, real estate, and retail industries: regularly from 1 to 50.
The number of employees in wholesale and service industries: regularly: 1 or more and 100 or less.
The number of other business employees: regularly one or more and 300 or less.

Scope of affairs to be entrusted
Affairs related to notification of establishment of labor insurance relationship and notification of establishment of employment insurance coverage, etc.
Affairs related to applications for special participation of worker’s accident compensation insurance
Affairs related to notification of acquisition or loss of qualification of insured person of employment insurance, etc.
Affairs related to declaration and payment of labor insurance premiums
Other affairs related to applications, notifications, reports, etc. concerning labor insurance
However, affairs related to claims for insurance benefits, etc. of worker’s accident compensation insurance and employment insurance shall be excluded.
In entrusting, please contact Japan Sougo Labor Management. TEL 06-4708-5918

A list of fees

Adviser for statutory procedures on social and labor insurances(monthly)
We shall be responsible for reporting to obtain or lose qualifications as insured persons, reporting dependents, notifying business office-related matters, requesting worker’s accident compensation insurance benefits, claiming health insurance benefits, and preparing applications, notifications, reports, and documents, etc. based on various laws and regulations concerning labor and social insurances, as well as administrative work relating to the Labor Standards Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

English work will be charged separately.

The number of employees Advisory monthly fee (Advisory contract)
~5 \15,000 (excluding tax)
6~10 \20,000 (excluding tax)
11~20 \25,000 (excluding tax)
21~30 \30,000 (excluding tax)
31~40 \35,000 (excluding tax)
41~50 \40,000 (excluding tax)
51~ A separate estimate

Adviser for consultation (monthly)
We will provide comprehensive consultation services, including the design of wage system and personnel system.

The number of employees Advisory monthly fee (Advisory contract)
~31 \30,000 (excluding tax)
31~50 \50,000 (excluding tax)
51~ A separate estimate

Pay-per-use Adviser (monthly)
New Adviser style “NEW KOMON” depending on customer styles, such as e-mails, skypes, and chats.

Advisory fee (excluding tax)
E-mail Adviser
\3,150/M (excluding tax) up to two round trips per project
※ Additional Y3,000 per round trip (separate)
※ Telephone service \5,000 yen/30 minutes (separately)
E-mail Adviser details can be found here.
Skype Advisor Regular Plan ¥5,000/M (excluding tax) ¥30 minutes/M
※ Annual discount \55,000/Y
Premium Plan \10,000/M (excluding tax) 30 minutes/M
※ Annual discount \100,000/Y
Skype’s Adviser details can be found here.
Chat Advisor \1,980/M (excluding tax) 30 minutes/M for chatwork use
Chat Advisor details can be found here.

Payroll circulation service
We will estimate commission fee of time card tabulation, journal data creation, retirement allowance calculation, administrator data creation, bonus calculation, year-end adjustment, etc. as necessary after hearing your requests. Individual items can also be handled.
We also propose the online attendance system and the WEB-pay-statement services from design to introduction.

The number of employees Payroll calculation charge (excluding tax)
Basic charge(~5) \12,000/M
6~10 Without time card tabulation
\10,000/M +\800 per person
With time card tabulation
\10,000/M +1,000 per person

Design of working hours and wage system

Basic charge (Advisor discount available)
\900,000~(excluding tax)

Personnel system design

Basic charge (Advisor discount available)
\1,000,000~(excluding tax)

Preparation of working rules

Basic charge (Advisor discount available)
Revision \100,000 (excluding tax)
Simple form \150,000 (excluding tax)
Standard form \300,000 (excluding tax)
Compliance form \450,000 (excluding tax)

Presence at investigation conducted by the Labor Standards Inspection Office

Basic charge (Advisor discount available)
\100,000~(excluding tax)

Presence at investigation conducted by the Pension Office

Basic charge (Advisor discount available)
\100,000~(excluding tax)

Subsidy application service

Basic charge (Advisor discount available)
Startup fee + Procedure fee (25%~)

Instructors of various seminars

Basic charge (Advisor discount available)
\100,000~(excluding tax)

Representative profile

Representative Partner Keiko Ohigashi

Birth place: Osaka Prefecture
1988 Graduated from Ibaraki High School, Osaka Prefecture
1992 Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Doshisha University
1992 Joined Nissho Iwai Corporation (currently Sojitz Corporation)
1997 After service at Nissho Iwai Corporation, established Ohigashi Certificated Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office
1999 Relocated to Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
2003 Relocated to Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, and renamed Ohigashi Labor Management Office
2006 Establishment of Labor Insurance Administration Associations, Japan Sogou Labor Management
2008: Reorganized Ohigashi Labor Management Office into ASUKA Labor Consulting Office (Social Insurance and Labor Corporation) and opened Tokyo Office
2013 Relocated the Osaka Office to Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
2013 Opened Nagoya Office
2014 Opened Saitama Office
2016 Opened Tokyo Akasaka Office
2019 Graduated from Waseda Graduate School (MBA)
Special skill: Abacus calculation (six dan), calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony
Hobbies: travel, hot yoga, and fine arts appreciation
Blood type: type B


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